Due to COVID-19, prayer services and bible studies are cancelled. Worship will be pre-recorded and a link will be posted to our Facebook page and this website.

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St. Stephen United Methodist Church welcomes you to our joyful community of worship and service!

We are a thriving community of faith and believe you will find a charming congregation where you can worship God and serve Christ with meaning and purpose. At St. Stephen you will find we are dedicated to spreading the love of Jesus Christ to everyone including you and your family. With programs, groups, and events for all ages, we hope to provide all of our members with fun and exciting things to do in a Christian atmosphere. We are here to help you find your spiritual home and your place to serve!

You are invited to discover everything we’re all about and how you can be a part this Sunday at 10:45 AM!

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St Stephen UMC Arlington, Texas

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I’m working on this... maybe “live” would have better video quality... LEARNING CURVE ... See MoreSee Less

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St Stephen UMC Arlington, Texas

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St Stephen UMC Arlington, Texas

SSUMC Youth Group 3/22/20


Instructions: Use the scripture references to find the clues. Then take a picture of each item. You can also draw pictures. Have fun!

You can either save the pics for the next time we meet or you can post them on this thread!

Something outside the same color as the item in John 12: 12-13

The food item in Mark 14:1-2

The kitchen item in Luke 22:17

The body part in Luke 22:50

The animal in Luke 22:60

A crayon the color if the rove in Mark 15:17

What Jesus carried in John 19:17

A sign like the one in Matthew 27:37

What the soldier used in John 19:34

The item in Mark 16:4
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1 week ago

St Stephen UMC Arlington, Texas

Youth Sunday School Lesson 3/22/20

Luke 10:19 “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

What do you think Jesus is trying to tell us in this verse?
Jesus is promising us protection and that nothing will harm us.

In what feels like an uncertain and possibly scary time in the world, Jesus is telling us to not fear because nothing can hurt us as long as he is by our side. In Jesus we are protected and through him we have the power over the enemy. We do not have to be afraid. Just put your trust in Jesus and God.

Is there something you think you need Jesus’ protection from?
Is there someone you know that may need his protection?

In Luke 24:36 it is written “Peace be with you.”

When Jesus told his disciples Peace be with you it was a time in which his disciples felt scared and alone. Jesus had been crucified and it felt like nothing was right in the world. Just like his disciples we can have peace when we are afraid.

What do you need to seek peace for?
Maybe it’s stress from school or work (even with most of us at home, we are still doing school work)
Maybe it's a friend or loved one you are trying to help?
Maybe you need peace within yourself?

Most of you know that I work for the airline industry. These are some scary times for us as travel restrictions are forcing us to cancel flights. I know in these times of uncertainty I have to remind myself that God will provide and he will lead me in the right direction for my family and myself. He reminds me to not be afraid as long as I have him in my heart.

Don’t forget God is there with us and for us so we should have nothing to fear.

What fear do you have that you need to let go and let God?

James and I hope you have an amazing week. Stay up with your school work and remember we are here if you need us. Blessings and Peace

Closing Prayer: I pray for the strength to be thankful for today and the moment, to enjoy the now in the midst of challenges, and to thank God for his favor and grace. In Jesus name, Amen!
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