Frequently Asked Questions

When visiting, it is best to park in the parking lot on the left (west side) because it is bigger and has visitor parking spaces. Follow the sidewalk to the front door facing Randol Mill Road. The sanctuary is to the right of the Narthex (lobby) while the Hospitality Room and Pastor's office is to the left. Restrooms are at the end of the hallway that is to the left.

Some people come in jeans; some people come in suits and sport coats; most people come dressed in between. Please be comfortable.

We would love to see you and your small children. We have excellent nursery care for children up to age 5 at St. Stephen staffed by at least two paid nursery attendants who have completed annual MinistrySafe training and background checks.

The Nursery is located in the Education Building on the west side of the main building, in the second room on the right. Our nursery staff opens the doors 10 minutes prior to Sunday School, worship services, and other events. You are more than welcome to come in and help your child get acclimated if need be. For more information, please view our Children's Ministries page.

Only if you want us to contact you. As a visitor, we ask that you fill out a guest slip so that we know when you join us but you will only be contacted if you request it. We just want to see you in God's House!